Flippa and Shill Bidding

Flippa Shill Bidding

So in the previous post, I basically shit on Flippa (in a constructive way ), but there’s one point I would like to make to all of you out there who continue to base everything off heresay. It’s typically some “select people” in forums and elsewhere who put a bad taste in potential users mouths. […]

Flippa’s Update – Where Is It?

Flippa Banner

So a couple of weeks ago the team at Flippa released some press that a “major” update has been released. Well folks, here it is: So to sum up those images/updates: Added a new banner image of Melbourne(?) Please correct me if I’m wrong A new search box…which I have yet to use. Still obvious […]

Payment.Com Selling for $10+ Million

With 10 minutes left at auction, and a reserve price that has been met at $10,000,000, it “appears” Payment.com will be selling for that price and above. Courtesy of FreeMarket.com. A new domain/website marketplace geared at competing against Flippa’s pricing structure. It’s also showing Cruise.Discount selling at a current price of ~$10,000 and the reserve […]

After A Year of Domaining – What I’ve Learned

So with some of my earlier domain “buys” expiring in the coming month, this roughly marks a year of website developing and domain buying/selling. In actuality, I’ve been buying and selling domains for around 6 or 7 months, I just don’t have anything better to blog about . It’s funny because I’ve looked at some […]

Inside Look: Google Domains Beta

Google Domains Beta Interface

I received my invite to Google Domains Beta late last night in the form of of the following email: “Hello, You requested to join the Google Domains invite-only beta and today we’re excited to offer you an invitation to join. As you begin to buy, transfer and manage your domains with us or if you […]