Payment.Com Selling for $10+ Million

With 10 minutes left at auction, and a reserve price that has been met at $10,000,000, it “appears” will be selling for that price and above. Courtesy of A new domain/website marketplace geared at competing against Flippa’s pricing structure. It’s also showing Cruise.Discount selling at a current price of ~$10,000 and the reserve […]

Never “Sit On” A Domain

As you gain knowledge in the domain industry and better understand what domains are worth investing your time and money into, you can then relish in the one thing god has bestowed upon us all. Our “gut”. While your gut may not ~always lead you into the right direction, you’ll have that knowledge to shoot […]

But It’s An Aged Domain!!

There’s nothing better than having not only a quality domain, but an aged domain as well. We’ll get into more of that later. However, to make it clear, an aged domain is NOT indicative of a “quality” domain. If you ever read Mark’s blog, than you’ll know there are plenty of quality domains that you […]

Does a Domain’s History Matter?

I think this question can be better asked and answered as… Does a domain’s history affect it’s value? After all, what “matters” is the value and/or potential value of the domain. So the short answer to this question: Yes, of course it does. However, the degree to which the domain is affected, as well as […]

Why You Should Never Use Domain Privacy

I’d like to make this “general” statement from the get-go: “If it’s a domain you have purchased to SELL, than you should NEVER use domain privacy.” It’s all to often I come across a domain under privacy I’m interested in that’s listed for sale through a marketplace that’s under domain privacy. It’s a wall no […]

Before You Delete A Domain…

This is far easier said than done if your portfolio of domains consists of 1000’s of registered/acquired domains, without much thought or research behind the purchases as a large. The ideal portfolio would have both quality and quantity, or at the least,¬†quality over quantity. Neither are easy to attain, especially when first starting out. However, […]

Domains: Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

I’m referring to registering/acquiring domains solely based on the previous sale of a similar domain, AND expecting a similar result. I also view special cases of this as, “riding another’s coat tails”. Cases of this typically include: Same domain in another extension Same domain “misspelled” Same domain using numbers for letters Same domain “hyphens” Example: […]

The Pitfalls of Domain Forums

Forums are great. They’re an awesome way to connect with people with similar interests as yourself and learn along the way. Similarly, they can help you facilitate a true interest in a topic with the motivation of others to keep you moving a long. So this much is already known. However there are somethings you […]

3 Questions No Domain Investor Likes To Be Asked

While opinions may vary from one domain investor to another, here are 3 simple questions that don’t have simple answers. What domains sell? Answer: “What domains sell?”, is such a broad and loaded question that it would deem pointless to even attempt to answer. If you have to ask, then it’s clear you have not […]

Avoiding Domain Fever

Domain fever is a term I will now coin as, buying mass quantities of domains you believe have value, because you lack the knowledge to make a wise decision. Causes Excitement High automated appraisals Godaddy Promotional Codes Symptoms Initial high Realization Frustration Depression Diagnosis Typical signs of Domain Fever include, but not limited to an […]