GoDaddy Just Can’t Keep Up

It’s grown more apparent over the last few weeks (only a few weeks? lol), that GoDaddy just can’t keep up with all the new gTLDs that are flooding the market. GoDaddy has always been my first choice registrar; PRINCIPALLY because that’s where I hold most of my domains and when starting out, I already knew… Read More »

About The .IO Domain

This post was originally intended to be the previous post, The Domain Learning Curve but re-titled it half way through because I was going on too wide of a tangent to come back from. Something I do far more often than not. Sometimes there’s just more fun topics to write about. Now, the .IO domains…. Read More »

The Domain Learning Curve

One thing I’ve learned quickly is that the Domain Industry takes A LOT of learning. Which is one of the main reasons I started this blog and typically the reason anyone starts a blog in the first place. Just too much information for the brain to process without relaying it into something productive and organized…. Read More »

Bought My First .Domains gTLD!!

Similar to a lot of the domainers out there, I’m incredibly picky with registering domains in the new gTLD extensions. The majority I view as simply nothing more than a “novelty” extension, and I always keep that in mind when buying a new one. I don’t expect to ever resell any for huge profits, and… Read More »

Aged Domains: A Domainer’s Farce

A major “issue” that I have noticed across the domain name space, forums, etc., are comments such as, “Don’t bother with recently hand regged domains, the real value is in aged domains.” What an incredibly unintelligent statement. Now I try to give those who make such statements the benefit of the doubt, and assume they… Read More »